Wednesday, June 8, 2011


BlackBerry Storm 9530 was the first product from blackberry with a touch screen. It is a dual mode phone and even capable of worldwide roaming. It can switch automatically from CDMA to GSM network and gives a nice alternative for iPhone with all functionality.

RIM BlackBerry Storm 9530 is simple in design and sturdy in construction. It is a bit heavy and big than what you may think of with a weight of 5.6 ounces. The edges is rounded and a soft touch finish, which gives us a good grip. The display is 3.25-inch touch screen with a resolution of 480×360 pixels. The font, size and lights of the Storm can also be adjusted. The accelerometer available with the phone helps in changing the orientation of the screen from one mode to the other when you rotate the phone to different angles and positions.

RIM BlackBerry Storm 9530 has a software keyboard with a perceptible feel. It has a Sure Type Keyboard and full QWERTY keyboard in portrait and landscape mode. To select an item on the keyboard, only a simple finger touch is enough. The keys are small and you may make an error, if you are not accustomed to using it. Four keys are present below the display: Talk, End/Power buttons, a Menu key & a clear button.

The calling quality of the RIM BlackBerry Storm 9530 is quite good. It has a great performance in multimedia with an excellent screen display and a resolution of 480×360 pixels. The phone features a 3.2-megapixel camera with an auto focus option, but unfortunately the quality of images are on average. It has no Wi-Fi but 3G data system and GPS is excellent. The screen orientation can be changed without a delay as accelerometer is improved. Performance is enhanced by the update of firmware but there are some bugs. The battery life is decent for use on daily basis.

Specifications of RIM BlackBerry Storm 9530 :
-General: It is 3G enabled and has a touch screen
-Size and weight: 2.4″ x 0.6″ x 4.4″ and weighs 5.6=ounce
-Display: 3.25-inch touch screen 480×360 pixels
-Resolution: 65K colors
-Camera: 3.2-megapixel auto-focus still and video camera
-Features: GPS, VZ navigator, UMTS/HSDPA support
-Warranty: One year of limited warranty
-Pros of RIM BlackBerry Storm 9530: Touch screen is great, software QWERTY keyboard
-Cons of RIM BlackBerry Storm 9530: It has no Wi-Fi connectivity, device is slow
-Price: $200 - $250