Thursday, July 7, 2011



Blackberry Blackpad is in developing process to compete Apple iPad, this is the latest hot news on the web to be confirmed, whose code name would be Blackberry Cobalt. The device is equipped with a 8.9-inch touchscreen. The tablet could see the light in 2011 and should use an optimized version of BlackBerry OS for such devices. The image reproduced above is only an elaboration of the source graphics.

BlackPad is similar tabletPC Ipad Aplle output with less screen 9.7 inches, the price will also be pegged at around the same as Apple's Ipad start from U.S. $ 499.

Blackpad have been pinned on the Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth in it, of course, users will be able to internet via their BlackBerry, this is different from Ipad where Apple iPad forbid users to access 3G data services via the iPhone.

BlackPad could be going into a rival that needs to be calculated by considering the success of Apple's current Blackberry Blackpad enough to guarantee success when launched later.

Operating System : BlackBerry 6 OS
Processor : Marvell 1 GHz Armada 610 processor
Display : 7-inch or 8.9-inch
Resolution : may feature above 800x480 resolution
Memory : May have 256MB RAM or 512MB RAM
Video Capture : 1080p
Wi-Fi : May have 802.11n
Storage : 4GB and upgradable
Camera : 16MP