Sunday, July 10, 2011

Harga Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Harga Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

GALAXY Tab 10.1 Samsung GT-P7500 provides a better experience to play and work. The quality of HD screens are sharper, web browsing with flash and better multitasking and even better speed with HSPA +.

Better Design
GALAXY 10.1 Tab gives greater experience with the thinness and lightness of a large sailing tablets available today! Enjoy unlimited mobility thanks to the body so thin and lightweight. Weighing only 565 grams and a thickness of 8.6 mm, making it so easy to use tablet.

Better Home screen
Live panel is the initial screen that can be customized, so the content can be accessed instantly via the initial screen includes an e-mail, image galleries, favorite websites and social networking feeds. The beauty of Live Panel is an update that is so real-time, set it as you like and at any time are updated as they are accessed at any time.

Better Web browsing
Browsing without limits! Thousands of websites using rich Flash applications, so whether you're browsing the web or viewing multimedia content online, you will be able to see it all with your GALAXY Tab 10.1 and support for Adobe ® Flash ® player.

Better Communication
Social Hub is a powerful tool that allows you to easily manage and access real-time email, instant messaging, and social networking accounts through a single portal. You have two accesses to simplify the display through Message and the tab Appearance tab that integrates messaging and web feeds into one stream that is easy to read.

Better Multimedia
Experience movie theater like experience with Full HD Playback on a tablet screen 10.1 "this great. Dual speakers surrounding the screen creates surround sound effects that make the movie more realistic.

Better Accessories
Appropriate accessories such as keyboard case or desktop dock, can help you maximize your experience with this tablet. Whether using a tablet in a more comfortable or to connect to devices that expand the use of tablets, these accessories will enhance the way you interact with the tablet.

An Entire Suite of Google Services
Do more with Google! Applications that have been widely used, including video chat Google Talk ™, Gmail ™, Google Calendar ™, YouTube ™, Google Maps ™, Google's Latitude ™, Google Places ™ runs smoothly on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Better Screen
High definition screen 10.1 "display screen with perfect sharpness. With 1280 x 800 WXGA screen displays a pixel density of 149ppi (pixels per inch), you'll enjoy the finer detail. Film, photo and graphic program with a rich look so vivid on-screen tablet.

Better Multi-Tasking
Mini Apps: You can become more efficient and productive by leveraging Mini Apps, which is a real multitasking features. Mini Apps allows you to access commonly used features such as calendars, PenMemo, World Clock, Calculator or the Task Manager with ease - which will be displayed as a pop-up screen above the application.

Better Speed
With both HSPA access (21Mbps) and WiFi, you can connect 24 / 7 wherever you are. Enjoy fast and stable connection to the Internet for faster browsing, downloading and more! Enjoy the best of the web from your desk.

Better Office
Polaris Office: Complete your work from anywhere. With Polaris Office installed, you can view, edit, and create various documents including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Clipboard allows you to save up to 20 text & images, so you can use cut & paste function as you would on a PC.

Better Imaging
Enjoy its integrated camera from either the front or rear. Do you need it to video chat with friends or clients, the camera displays images with clear front and behind the camera allows you to record photos and HD video from your tablet.

The Latest Android ™ Technology
Made for the tablet platform, Android ™ 3.1 (Honeycomb) increases productivity by allowing you to perform different functions at the same time. Looking at some of the panels in the same application, and browse the web just as you would on a PC. Android Market ™ also offers a wide range of applications for you to download.