Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The original BlackBerry Pearl 8100 was a breakthrough device. It was the first BlackBerry to sport a camera as well as being the first trackball-controlled device. It was obvious upon its December 2006 release that RIM was taking aim at the Nokia feature phone market with a new breed of consumer-friendly devices.

Since then, the BlackBerry Pearl has been a regular character in the cast of top 10 stateside-sold smartphones. Usually priced at around $100, the BlackBerry Pearl form factor is a proven product line that, thanks to the Pearl 3G, can no longer be labeled entry-level.

The Pearl 3G styling is superb. The bezel around the screen looks angular and shiny, just like a cut and polished gem. The media keys are barely visible making the device look clean with a beautifully curved grid of keypad buttons. I have the good fortune of testing out the gradient red model from Rogers, one of the best looking color schemes I have seen to date.

The 3G Pearl is no longer designed to be an entry-level smartphone; it’s now a full-featured powerhouse, so streamlined it has the feel of a sports car. The device is light and curvy on the back making it a pleasure to hold and to use. I found that the somewhat stiff rubberized sides mean harder to press convenience keys and volume control buttons.

* candybar design with shades of red - size 108mm x 50 mm x 13.3 mm and weighs 93 grams.
* 624 Mhz processor with 256 MB Flash Memory.
* Screen resolution 360 x 400 238 ppi.
* Optical trackpad.
* Media player for video, pictures and music, can play music up to 30 hours, plus dedicated keys for                      integrated media at the top of the phone.
* 3.2 MP camera with zoom, autofocus, flash and video recording.
* Built-in GPS for location-based applications.
* Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n) - the first BlackBerry smartphone to support 'n' -. Memory card slot microSD / SDHD which supports cards with capacities up to 32 GB.
* Support for tri-band UMTS / HSDPA and quad-band EDGE / GPRS / GSM.
* The battery is easily removable 1150-pairs and refilled with talktime 5, 5 hours on 3G networks.
* Bands: 800 (850) / 1900/2100 MHz UMTS (900/1700/2100 MHz Also in variety), 850/900/1800/1900 MHz EDGE
* Bluetooth: 2.1, includes Stereo Audio profile