Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nokia OS Symbian Belle

Nokia OS Symbian Belle
Nokia 600 OS Symbian Belle

Nokia 700 OS Symbian Belle

Nokia 701 OS Symbian Belle

Nokia announces three smartphones running the Symbian platform with Belle, the latest version of Symbian that could be considered an update of the Symbian Anna introduced some time ago. Each of the Nokia 700 (Zeta), Nokia 701 (Helen), and the Nokia 600 (Cindy).

Nokia 700 or so-called "Zeta" is claimed as a monoblock touchscreen smartphone the smallest in the world, equipped with a 1GHz CPU and a 5 MP camera. Zeta-designed 3.2-inch AMOLED screen and glass coated antigores Gorilla Glass. This smartphone also comes pentaband 3G radio, made with environmentally friendly materials and time of bioplastics 7.3 hours talk time.

The second product introduced was the Nokia 701 or "Helen" who claimed to be the sharpest screen phone with 3.5 inch IPS LCD screen and technology as well as Gorilla Glass ClearBlack are also found on the Nokia 700. Helen walked with a 1GHz processor, has 8 MP autofocus camera with dual LED, and front camera. This phone's internal memory is 8 GB and can add up to 40 GB. When talk time can be reached 17 hours with 8.8 hours on 3G.

Mobile phones were introduced last is the Nokia 600 or "Cindy", music phones are sold at affordable prices. This phone is Nokia with the loudest voice, and has an FM radio with internal antenna, so users do not need to plug in headphones if you want to listen.

Though sold at affordable prices, features Cindy's pretty good. Cindy uses a 1GHz processor, 3.2-inch screen nHD, full focus 5MP camera with LED and 720p video capture, as well as 2GB of internal memory. Time is also a long talk time, 15 hours.

As a product line of Symbian Belle, these three products have a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC), the home screen to six, lock screen dynamic, live widgets in different sizes, as well as in Symbian Anna.