Saturday, July 2, 2011



Not content with dual-SIM mobile phone, aka the two numbers that are now sold in outlets phones? Well, now emerging triple-mobile-phone SIM card or often called a hybrid.

If it still feels less with three numbers, not to worry. Because now it appears the phone with a SIM card as well as four quad-SIM alias. Not only accommodate four SIM cards are active simultaneously, OTECH F1 is also reportedly going to come with glow in the dark technology.

There are various opinions are welcome OTECH F1. Ranging from praise because it is considered very suitable for developing markets with cheap mobile tariffs, to regard it as a phone weird, silly, and is considered too excessive.

Yes, when you first see the phone screen with four active signal strength indicator, it is a little strange. Not to mention if you receive incoming calls as well as three of each number. However, the good news you can enjoy a variety of cheap promo fares of four carriers in Indonesia simultaneously.

Physically and design, OTECH F1 still relies on a Qwerty keypad according to the trend, plus the screen is 2.4 inches. Like China's mobile phone on the market, this phone is also equipped with a built-in TV that supports PAL, NTSC, and SECAM.

In addition, you can also find an FM radio and Bluetooth. However, for data connectivity, do not expect too much. F1 OTECH only able to provide GPRS access to the Internet.

Although written 12.1 megapixel camera-enabled phones on the back side, the results are not convincing enough. Considering this is just a local brand mobile phones in circulation in China with access limited to GPRS. Most likely just a regular VGA camera.

Not yet known whether the phone with the same design have been circulating in Indonesia with a different brand. Could be Nexian, HT Mobile, Mito Mobile, or other Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have marketed first in Indonesia.