Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lenovo Tablet ThinkPad | Tablet IdeaPad K1 Prices and Review

Lenovo Tablet ThinkPad | Tablet IdeaPad K1 Prices and Review 
Tablet IdeaPad K1

Tablet ThinkPad

Lenovo launched two types of tablets Android. First, professional special Android tablets, and tablets Android only for home users.

ThinkPad Tablet has a 10.1 inch screen specifications, IPS 1280 x 800 display, a 1GHz processor NVIDIA Tegra 2, 1 GB RAM, connected with Wi-Fi and 3G, has a memory capacity of 16/32/64 GB following a number of ports for mini-HDMI , USB 2.0 and micro USB.

This device is intended businessman, and is equipped with a number of peripherals, including the stylus to write notes and full-size keyboard dock.

K1 IdeaPad Tablet ThinkPad tablets with similar specs a 1 GHz processor NVIDIA Tegra 2, 1 GB of RAM, the memory capacity of 16 or 32 GB, with a 10.1 inch screen and a resolution of 1280 x 800. But the design is different because it follows the design philosophy IdeaPad IdeaPad series laptop.

Both devices use the latest version of Android, the Honeycomb 3.1. IdeaPad tablets will be sold at a price of 449 U.S. dollars and are available starting on Wednesday (20/07/2011), while the ThinkPad tablet sold starting at a price of 499 U.S. dollars and are available beginning in August 2011.

Windows 7 on a tablet IdeaPad P1 may have no impact on the tablet market because Windows 7 is not optimally used in tablets. This is pretty cool considering its hardware, including an Intel 1.5 GHz, touch-screen 1280 x 800, up to 2 GB of RAM memory, and capacities up to 64 GB. This latest tablet that will enter the market in the 4th quarter of 2011.