Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Spesification Samsung SGH- M3510 :
Processing: Rarely to a premium phone in hand, the aluminum-look looks really expensive, it is super fässt, not like most “plastic bomber”. The whole cell phone is also very stable. The keyboard is already evenly illuminated white.

Telephony: Voice quality is very good, I understand everything very well and is also well understood, the volume is more than enough. Under normal ambient noise or on the street is a phone problem.

SMS / MMS / WAP: SMS can be thanks to the good and sufficient keyboard quickly write MMS design is not a problem (but I rarely do). Pleasure quick look into the network, no problem, the pages are quick to set up, GPRS / EGDGE / HSDPA are supported.

Display: Hell, even in sunlight very well read, size is sufficient. Colors are clear and strongly represented.

Entertainment: An MP3 player is now standard. Samsung uses probably a bit from Apple, the PC Suite as well as the strong player but remember it. It has the usual functions, create playlists, NEN mini-player, the usual stop. Otherwise there are also games, but what you see here, just demos preinstalled! Finde ich schon NEN bit weak. Even careful when buying games, Java will be supported, but the phone is quite picky, so precisely inform obs also running. 1GB memory is already installed, up to 4GB can be retrofitted via MicroSD, but it should be enough.

Camera: Quick and painless: provides acceptable results for a spontaneous snapshot are very good, but a real digital camera can not replace it alone as it lacks the optical zoom and a photo light for night shots is also available. More can be reached from its 3Mpix cellphone camera is not expected.

Buissness: phonebook, calendar, scheduler, calculator, alarm clock etc. are in place, so all the basic basic functions are available and sufficient for me. When the phonebook are multiple phone numbers per name, email addresses, and co. possible. On his Windows PC works with Outlook to synchronize with the software easily. MAC users still look into the tube, but it will also provide ways to change this, the U700 and U900 is also already 

Menus / Operation: The menus are clear, but it takes some time to settle, but it is not difficult. The four direction buttons in the middle can be freely programmed to frequent programs to run without any detours. The factory can choose between 3 themes to the visual appearance of the menus adapted to fit but is really only the second! Especially the color is very “strange”. One can also maintain its own theme tinker together, but it is limited essentially to the coloring. The software itself is not the fastest, but a real trailer, I could not yet determine.