Sunday, June 26, 2011



Put yourself in the right frame with PL120 Dual LCD display, Dual-view screen in front of the measuring 1.5 "wide and 2.7" to let your perfect pose and see the results on a larger screen. On / off button located on the top provide comfort for the removal of the front LCD screen and quickly move from the shooting mode or recording movies. Some Smart Settings will make your shoot the image perfectly.

Twice the fun with Dual LCDs
So easy to get the perfect shot, Samsung 2View PL120 with front screen measuring 1.5 "which makes you a part of each image. Preview self-portrait, then click and you're in every frame in an instant. Turn the camera to enjoy photos on a widescreen 2.7 ". This new feature changes the view on the experience of hard-to-capture. Children are pinned mode and download option animation to attract children's attention. In addition, you can also create their own animated clips for your child's attention. Jump Shot hinted before taking three quick shots. Self Timer is a visual countdown for the coordinate photo shoots in the group so that everyone is smiling on time.

Get a whole new view
Optimize your lens, is aiming for a memorable landscape or reunion of friends sitting around a restaurant table. By using PL120 26mm lens that wide-angle with 5x optical zoom, you can load the entire width of view. Now, you can target a place or a memorable scene with a full-scale, wedding and high skyscrapers.

Invent new looks for your images
Samsung's Smart Filter lens and color choices offer you a special atmosphere to be used in the photo or video. While the Tilt & Shift Lens Effect add miniature effects and vignetting effect makes a striking contrast levels. The new Special Effects Soft Focus will soften the color and add emotional sensations and the Half-Tone Dot to deliver results like the look of comic book images. Effect Palette to add ultra-life vibration and a wide selection of colors for your shot. Create your memorable moments through the pictures! So easy and fun.

Edit your own special effects
Our pride, features Magic Frame, gives a sophisticated image and the freedom to express your mood and your personality. Choose one of 12 built-in templates Frame Magic, including Wall Art, Old Movie, Ripple, Full Moon, Old Record, Magazine, Holiday, Classic TV and others. Snap photos of objects that you want to display, select the built-in template that you liked and immediately you can provide unique and memorable images.

HD quality video. Now in a compact camera
Samsung PL 120 is an instrument of art that is able to give perfect results on the results of your photo or your video recordings. Enjoy recording 720p HD video at level 30 frames per second. Coupled with 5x Optical Zoom, you can also get the video to the object in the range of distances.

The Simple Way to go pro
Every moment means to you and definitely want a perfect moment was immortalized by the hands of a cunning like a PRO. For some moments with friends from a party the night before or natural events moon reflected off the lake. Smart Auto 2.0 analyzes the key elements, then automatically adjusts to get the perfect picture results with different fashion photos.

It knows you, and only gets your best side.
With Smart Face recognition technology is integrated, PL120 automatically adjusts focus and exposure of up to 20 faces that have been determined or has been stored, so you can make those faces was more prominent than others.

Perfect Portrait System
With the Perfect Portrait System, you will get results that are so charming in every condition.

Highlight Object
New features of the PL120 is the Object Highlight a set background images so that every face in the picture will be collected at the front and in the middle.

Prices : Samsung will release a digital camera this DualView in March priced at PL120 $ 19.99 $ 149.99