Sunday, June 26, 2011



One of the advantages the iPhone than the Blackberry is the number of interesting applications for games played. A number of games that you can download in the App Store.

If you buy a new iPhone, there are a number of interesting games which you can immediately download to fill your iPhone. Here, a number of top app games, based on the assessment of Time page.

Angry Birds
In this game, you will help force the bird to release an egg that was stolen a bunch of green pig. Your index will also direct the various characters are birds that catapult themselves by using slingshots to attack hordes of green pig.

Once you play the Angry Birds, certainly you will addicted. Perhaps the main difficulty is not to attack the green pig, but put your iPhone, once you start an addiction.

Game recommended Time is produced by Hasbro. In preparing this word game, you can against the computer or against your friends who are online. Facebook friends who are online can you develop the ability jajal he said in this game. This game also features teacher mode, which lets you learn some words.

Plants vs. Zombies
Zombie attack would be to imagine the nightmare that made it difficult to sleep at night. However, in this game you can drive away with a Zombie attack using a number of plants. Various types of plants can be used. There are types of seeds are fired to incapacitate a zombie, there is a firing ice to freeze the zombies, there is also a big potato that zombies were blocking the entrance into your home.

Doodle Jump
In this game you will drive Doodle to jump from one lane to another lane. Also, to avoid black holes, while shooting monsters blocking the way Doodle is on his way to jump to the top.

Fruit Ninja
No one imagined that the Ninja use fruits in trains won the sword. But, in a game that produced Halfbrick Studio, you will move your index finger to the screen to split the fruit fly. But be careful, there is a bomb that hovers between the fruits. This application is also integrated with OpenFeint, which lets you play with your friends. Suitable for commuters who waited for a train or bus saturation coming.

Cut the Rope
In this game, you have to feed candy to a green creature named Om Nom. The trick? Candy hanging and tied a rope. You have to think about what to cut the rope, so the candy into the mouth of Om Nom